About me

I was born in Berlin in 1979. I have wanted to be a writer as long as I can remember. Writing is not only a decision, it is a craving, a way of living. It keeps me breathing and going. I cannot help but write.
Ever since I was very young, I have written short stories, poems, song lyrics and novels. There are times when I write almost nothing, then there are times when I cannot seem to stop at all. But whatever happens – writing runs like a thread through my life, as the one dream I always return to.

In 2011, I moved to Southern Germany in search of new impressions and challenges, and by now am living with my husband and our 3 furry family members in lovely Pleinfeld.
Besides spending time with my beloved ones, I (of course) love to read, am into computer games and music. Boredom seldom happens, I simply eliminated the word from my vocabulary many years ago